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The Diva Girls - Vocals

Diane, Carolyn and Vicky have been singing together longer than any of them can remember. Their love of great harmony whether a cappella or with a band is what keeps them coming back time and again.  Joining the Funky Divas in 2012, they brought their great harmony sound one step further. Backed by the Funky Band, these Diva Girls bring spirit and soul to the music they sing.

Dan Poland - Guitar, Vocals

“Dangerous” Dan Poland, has been part of the Seacoast music scene for over 30 years. He is a masterful guitar player who can play anything we throw at him. Dan not only plays with The Funky Divas, he is currently with North River Music. And played with The Jeannie Daniels Band. He has founded and played in a number of different bands including White Lies, Forecast, and Boca Roca.